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Charles H. Milby
Class of 1970
30 Year Reunion
The 30 year class reunion of the 1970 graduating class of Milby Senior High School
was held at the Double Tree Guest Suites Hotel in Houston, Texas on July 28th
and 29th, 2000.  There was a golf tournament Friday morning, a social get together
Friday night, and a dinner/dance Saturday night.  Over 200 folks attended the
festivities.  It was truly a great weekend that will be talked about for quite a while.

The secret to the success of this reunion was that each classmate that worked on
the planning committee did their assigned job very well.  Jan Hall Peine was the
head of this committee and we can't thank her enough for all the long hours that
she spent working on this reunion.  Other committee members that did their share
of work were:  Janice Wach Roberts, Kathleen Calvert Busse, Pam Schlosser
Slonek, Julie Hollis, Jimmy Brandt, Jose Chapa and Gary Quade.  People who
spent a lot of time on the phones, trying to locate classmates were:  Jan Hall Peine,
Julie Hollis, Jimmy Brandt, Jimmy Hassell, Kathleen Calvert Busse, Kathi Holdren
Benbrook, Bobby Haskins, Nancy Harrison Davis, Janice Wach Roberts, Debbie
Spaniel Hurta and Jeannine Maughmer.  There were plenty of door prizes handed
out during the Saturday night dinner/dance and they were provided by:  Katherine
Kelly Faulkner, Pam Schlosser Slonek, Debbie Spaniel Hurta, Carol Scott Wherry,
Brenda Willingham Soley, Janice Wach Roberts, Kathi Holdren Benbrook, Karen
Jernigan Goebel, Joyce Turner Guerrera, Jan Hall Peine, Julie Hollis, Nancy
Harrison Davis and Kathleen Calvert Busse.  Thanks everyone.  Great job!

There was a questionaire sent out to all classmates, asking them to answer the
questions that applied to them.  Example of some of the questions were:  How
many children do you have?  How many grandchildren do you have?  How many
times have you been married?  Well, the results and "winners" of each category are
listed below.  Note:  there may be other "winners" of each category that we do not
know of.  If you or someone you know, qualifies for a certain category, let us
know, and we will get their name posted.  Send to:
Classmates that live outside of Texas who attended the reunion:

Clay Lambert - Saudi Arabia
Francis Spears Brennan - New York
Mike Drescher - Colorado
Carla Ward Ehntholt - Ohio
Lisa Daniels Feldman - New Jersey
Karen Jernigan Goebel - Oklahoma
Alan Hairston - Ohio
Heather Hardy - Illinois
Clifton Kirby - California
Mason Knowles - Virginia
David Maclaine - Oregon
John Nagle - Louisiana
Diane Holbert Rember - Georgia
Donna Sue Wilson Velenzuela - Indiana

Classmates with 5 or more children:

Susan McIntosh DeFriend - 5
Freddy Forshag - 5
Clay Lambert - 5
Janeen Fobair Rickard - 5

Classmates with a child under the age of 10:

Jose Chapa - Jose Jr.; age 6
Jimmy Brandt - Jennifer; age 8
Jimmy Hassell - Jana Leeann; age 8
Ruth Davis Elledge & Jerry Elledge - age 9

Classmates with 3 or more grandchildren:

Lois Cortez Trevino - 9
Freddy Forshag - 6
Janeen Fobair Rickard - 3
Sue Smith Rightly - 3

Classmates married to classmates:

Linda Hale and Buster Anderson
Kathi Holdren and Tommy Benbrook
Kathleen Calvert and James Busse
Rosalinda Ramos and David Coleman
Mary Ann Lott and Richard Cone
Ruth Davis and Jerry Elledge
Alma Gabino and Arthur Gonzales
Deborah Strauch and Lynn McShane
Twyla Fulton and Eugene Morgan
Gail Connell and Pat Rivers
Carol Scott and Ronnie Wherry

Classmates that have been married at least 4 times:

James Gilbert
Jerry Keel Higginbotham
John Hewett
Jesse Mayo
Glenn Rossman
Paula Pearson Stapleton

Classmates who have stayed married the longest:

Lois Cortez and Armand Trevino - 12/69
Joyce Turner and Richard Guerrero - 1/31/70
Beverly Ahlberg and Dennis McMillan - 7/3/70
Janice Wach and Ken Roberts - 9/11/70
Carla Ward and Dennis Ehntholt - 11/21/70

Classmates who are "newlyweds":

Bobby Haskins and Tracie Hanna - 4/22/00

Classmates who have worked for one company the longest:

Debbie Spaniel Hurta - Columbia Energy - 1970
Michael Blount - SW Bell - 1971
James Gilbert - G & W Services - 1972
Alan Hairston - AT&T - 1973
Clifton Kirby - GATX - 1974
Jerry Elledge - Lone Star Ford - 1974

Classmates serving in the Vietnam War:

Richard Ruppert
Lloyd Tyler

Jesse Mayo (other military service)

Classmates with unique accomplishments:

Alan Hairston - Alan will soon be a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Don't
              mess with him!
Mason Knowles - Mason hopes to become the oldest professional surfer.  Mason
              are you as old as the rest of us?
Mike Elmore - Mike has won several broadcast awards - Best Radio Show and
              Top Rated Radio Show in San Francisco.  Mike has now moved
              back to Texas, so maybe we can reap the benefit of his talents.
David Maclaine - David has recently been a contestant on "Who Wants  to be a
              Millionaire?"  His participation airs August 1 and August 3, so
              stay tuned.  David, you may suddenly have a lot of new best
Update:  David ended up winning $250,000!!  Way to
              go David!

Classmates that are helping make the world a better place:

Beverly Ahlberg McMillan - Beverly is a teacher and loves her work.  She says
              she knows she is changing the future - one child at a time.
Chris Pettyjohn Moore - Chris is the Child Safety Program Coordinator for the
              city of Austin, Tx.  Her efforts have been instrumental in
              significantly reducing child pedestrian crashes.
Charlotte Clements Miller - Charlotte is active in the Republican Part efforts -
              election official, campaign manager, and convention delegate.
Cassandra Adams Hibberts - Cassandra teaches English to adults who are eager to
               learn our native language.
Clay Lambert - Clay managed Aramco's $17.6 million Y2K effort on the refineries
               in Saudi Arabia - avoiding the glitches which could have caused
               catastrophic problems.
Sofia Cano Duty - Sofia has done clinical research on predictors of anxiety and
               pain, and has developed a treatment program for psychosocial
               adaptation to cancer.
Mike Elmore - Mike, better known as Bob in the world of CBS, benefits society
               by being a trustworthy, as well as entertaining, broadcast