Milby Class of 1970
Golf Tournament
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The 30 year Milby High School class reunion golf tournament was held on
Friday, July 28th, 2000, at Pine Crest Golf Course in Houston, TX.  The
weather was great, the course was in good shape, and everyone had a great
time!  Thanks go out to Jose Chapa and Gary Quade for running the
tournament, and coming up with some really great prizes.
Team #1
Jan Hall Peine
Gary Quade
Sabas Hernandez
Jimmy Brandt

Team #2
Debbie Spaniel Hurta
Jose Chapa
James Gilbert
Dale Ladner
Keith Johnson
The golfers and the teams they played on were:
Team #3
Freddy Forshag
Tommy Benbrook
Glen Rossman
Denny Autrey
Dana Drew

Team #4
Randy Glenski
Chuck Goldsmith
Robert Hale
Wade Ford
Bobby Haskins
And the results were:
1st Place Team
Tommy Benbrook, Denny Autrey, Dana Drew, Glen Rossman, Freddy Forshag
2nd Place Team
Gary Quade, Jan Hall Peine, Jimmy Brandt, Sabas Hernandez
3rd Place Team
Mike Deem(strength & conditioning coach), Debbie Spaniel Hurta, James Gilbert, Jose Chapa, Keith Johnson, Dale Ladner
4th Place Team
Robert Hale, Wade Ford, Bobby Haskins, Chuck Goldsmith, Randy Glenski (kneeling)
Thanks to all the golfers who participated!
Also thanks to "Coach" Mike Deem and Julie Hollis for coming out and helping!
More Pictures
Want to see more pictures from the golf tournament?  Click below.